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Mark Peterman is a Phoenix / Scottsdale, Arizona based advertising photographer specializing in portraiture for advertising clients, corporate portraits for annual reports, headshots for business, healthcare, athletic portraits, in the studio or on location in the Southwestern United States including: California, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah. Full service photography studio located at historic First Studio in Downtown Phoenix, Arizona. 


Phoenix Photographers

| Mark Peterman is a Phoenix / Scottsdale, Arizona based advertising and editorial photographer. Being a Phoenix People Photographers he specializes in photographing people including creating stylized portraiture for advertising campaigns and editorial magazines. He also works with corporate clients in the financial and healthcare industries. His full service photography studio is located at historic First Studio in Downtown Phoenix, Arizona.

Phoenix Portrait Photographers

| Mark enjoys collaborative assignments with clients that showcase his areas of expertise including: stylized portraiture and narrative storytelling. He welcomes conversations that might lead to the possibility of the right type of collaboration with clients on future projects. His work has been featured in the American Photography Annual, PDN Photo Annual and selected for Center’s Review Santa Fe 100. His narrative driven personal projects in book and print form have been exhibited at museums and galleries around the United States.

Phoenix Advertising Photographers

| As an advertising photographer based in Phoenix, Arizona he specializes in photographing people including creating stylized portraiture for advertising campaigns, and corporate clients in the financial industries.

Phoenix Healthcare Photographers

| In healthcare industries, he approaches each advertising project with a fine-tuned attention to detail and often utilizes locations, props, styling and sets to meet and exceed the expectations of the client. His unique style of cinematic lighting makes his brand of portraiture instantly recognizable. He has a great respect for the process of creating high quality imagery and understands that successful advertising photography is a collaborative effort between client, agency creatives and the photographer. His goal is to create a supportive environment on set where the concept for each project can grow and be fulfilled.

Phoenix Editorial Photographers

| As an editorial photographer based in the Phoenix, Arizona he works throughout his home state of Arizona and travels regularly for Phoenix Reportage Photographers assignment work to neighboring states including: California, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah.

Phoenix Photojournalists

| Mark provides editorial clients with stylized portraits and narrative driven reportage and photojournalism for magazine stories. Over the past decade his work has been published in editorial magazines such as: Amtrak 'The National', Barron’s, Fast Company, Esquire, Fortune, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, Lufthansa, People Magazine, Road and Track, Smart Money, Time Magazine, Travel & Leisure, The Wall Street Journal, and Wired.

Phoenix Corporate and Healthcare Photographers

| As one of the top Phoenix Financial Banking Photographers he also works with corporate clients in the financial and healthcare industries. These projects require Phoenix Annual Report Photographers that know how to create dynamic executive portraits for business marketing purposes. These projects often include capturing real life scenarios with executives in the workplace or creating a studio on location for more traditional portraiture. His unique approach to creating engaging portraiture and directing people in front of the camera involves collaborating with his subjects whether they are professional talent or ordinary people. Marks' goal as a portrait photographer is to represent his subjects in a real, human and ultimately relatable way.

Phoenix Equine Photographers

| Marks’ personal projects explore narrative storytelling through photographs and multimedia, usually consisting of constructed realities that cross over into implied fiction. Although his work embraces the post-modern world it is highly informed by history, and research plays an important part. His design background while studying at The Kansas City Art Institute gives his work a graphic story-telling quality with a cinematic feel. A desire to be creative on a daily basis fuels his curiosity about the human experience, and he documents experiences in sketchbooks as a way of remembering his life. He refines his artistic vision by drawing on influences from music, art, and literature, and often utilizes locations, props, styling and sets in his work to create a constructed reality. As his interest in narrative work has deepened, he has spent time studying all aspects of storytelling including screenwriting, character development, and the journey of the protagonist. He finds it important to continually educate himself while building up new skill sets whether they apply to his current endeavors or not. Such recent activities include building miniature sets in the form of scale models, taking classes on book binding, and writing short stories that are character studies. He continues to experiment with new concepts as an approach to solving old problems and sees refinement through perseverance as a way forward.

Mark serves all of the United States, Houston, San Antonio, San Diego, Dallas and San Jose.