About the Artist


About the artist

I'm an artist who explores narrative storytelling through photographs and multimedia. My work usually consists of constructed realities that cross over into implied fiction.

Although my work embraces the post-modern world it is highly informed by history, and research plays an important part in my work. My design background gives my work a graphic story-telling quality with a cinematic  feel. A desire to be creative on a daily basis fuels my curiosity about the human experience, and I document experiences in sketchbooks as a way of remembering my life.

I refine my artistic vision by drawing on influences from music, art, and literature. I often utilize locations, props, styling and sets in my work to create a constructed reality. As my interest in narrative work has deepened, I'm studying all aspects of storytelling including screenwriting, character development, and the journey of the protagonist. As an avid reader of fiction I am particularly drawn to mystery and espionage novels. I find it important to continually educate myself while building up new skill sets whether they apply to my current endeavors or not. Such recent activities include building miniature sets in the form of scale models, taking classes on book binding, and writing short stories that are character studies.

I am always experimenting with new concepts as an approach to solving old problems. I enjoy collaborative assignments with clients that showcase my areas of expertise. This work affords me time to experiment with my personal work at my studio. The journey I find myself on this year is a time of wide experimentation with my work. I welcome conversations that might lead to the possibility of the right type of collaboration on future projects.

My work has been featured in the American Photography Annual, PDN Photo Annual and selected for Center’s Review Santa Fe 100. My projects in book and print form have been exhibited at museums and galleries around the country. 

Those WHo Hire me

I photograph for a diverse stable of clients in editorial and advertising capacities Including: AT&T, Amtrak 'The National', APS (Arizona Public Service), ASU (Arizona State University), Architect Magazine, The Atlantic, Barron's, Bicycling, Chase, Esquire, Fast Company, Fervor Creative, Kiplinger's Personal Finance, People Magazine, Time Magazine, R&R Partners, Road & Track, Smart Money, Travel + Leisure, The Wall Street Journal, Tuft & Needle, Waymo, Western Alliance Bank, Wired