Herm Edwards for Bleacher Report


I recently photographed an assignment for Bleacher Report on Arizona State University Head Football Coach Herm Edwards. Last year when Edwards was hired as head coach at ASU, after years out of coaching working as an ESPN analyst, it was considered a controversial hire. The concept of his staff implementing a new ‘professional’ style of coaching and management at the college level was different than how most schools view their athletic programs.

I was assigned to document the first day of practice and photograph portraits of coach Edwards on the day where he had he finally had the opportunity to prove to that the university made the right decision. It seems like there was a tension in the air where everyone was wondering if this was going to work. It was a typical August day in Arizona, 111 degrees outside. I had been warned by the sports information director that I may not get any time for portraits with coach Edwards and that the first day of practice wasn’t really the best situation to shadow him. 

Things turned out quite different, coach Edwards was extremely laid back and welcoming along with his staff. Overall it turned out to be a great assignment where he was very gracious with his time and in a great mood throughout the day. You can read the story on Bleacher Report here.

So much of my work as a Phoenix, Arizona editorial photographer, is about drawing from past work experience where I have learned to navigate difficult situations for a wide range of clients. As an environmental portrait photographer I have learned how to quickly make engaging portraits under difficult circumstances.

I photograph for a diverse stable of clients in editorial and advertising capacities and this experience has provided me unique problem solving capabilities. Since I am based in the Southwestern United States I often work with editorial magazine clients who need someone with easy access to neighboring states such as New Mexico, Utah, California, West Texas and Nevada. While based in the Phoenix metro area, I also travel for assignment work throughout my home state of Arizona and often photograph in locations such as Sedona, Tucson and Flagstaff.