Western Alliance Bank


I just completed a new project for Western Alliance Bank. The project was an annual report and image library, completed over a 3 month period. It was a collaboration with Fervor Creative in Scottsdale and the Western Alliance team in Arizona (and on the west coast). This is actually the fourth time that I have collaborated with Fervor and Western Alliance on such a project in as many years. Western Alliance Bank is made up of Alliance Bank of Arizona, Bridge Bank (Northern California), Torrey Pines Bank (Southern California), and Bank of Nevada. This was a complete team effort between all branches of the company to produce the project. 

Phoenix Advertising Photographers

The theme of the project focuses on the banks relationships with its diverse set of clients around the country. We were essentially creating client case studies by gathering assets that could be used in very specific parameters for the Annual Report document (both in print and online) as well as an image library for use in other advertising and marketing capacities for the bank. 

The work we created for this campaign showcased Western Alliances' focus on developing client relationships alongside their sophisticated products, customized solutions and their commitment to added value for their clients. 

As the banks' clients are not refined to one specific industry or region they have clients in many locations throughout the United States. This necessitated us to travel to a number of locations along the west coast and around the country. This was a huge undertaking to execute such a project. 

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From a photographers perspective, these projects often include capturing real life scenarios with executives in the workplace and creating environmental portraiture on location. My team worked alongside a video crew capturing similar situational “in the workplace” settings. These scenarios involved having the banks clients and the bankers from Western Alliance interact in their natural environment.

We photographed at locations on the west coast and the southwest including: Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Thousand Oaks, San Diego, Las Vegas, Phoenix and even places across the country such as a river boat casino on the Louisiana and Mississippi border. 

My unique approach to creating engaging portraiture and directing people in front of the camera involves collaborating with my subjects whether they are professional talent or ordinary people. My goal as a portrait, corporate, financial, or annual report photographer is to represent my subjects in a real, human and ultimately relatable way. My background as a Phoenix Advertising Photographer working with corporate clients in the financial and healthcare industries makes this an ideal project and the type of collaboration I look forward to in all my client commissioned projects. 

Phoenix Arizona Annual Report Photographers

You can view an updated gallery of work I have created with Western Alliance Bank over the years on my site here. To see this years annual report, check the website dedicated to the project: WALannualReport.com