Scene Creation Process


My narrative-driven storytelling work often involves creating scenes using different production techniques. Over the past few years I have started building miniature sets when it is not possible to use a practical location or build a full-size set.

I wanted to share the scene creation process, from initial sketch to final retouched still image, in this short video clip. This is a brief overview of that behind the scenes process from just one scene from "Days Present Themselves”. Several of the shots from this series incorporate scale models.



As a Phoenix photographer, I explore narrative storytelling through photographs and multi-media, usually consisting of constructed realties that cross over into implied fiction. My personal work has been an American Photography (AP28 and AP35) and Photo District News (PDN) annual award winner. My independently published photo books have been included in exhibitions around the country at museums and galleries that include: The Griffin Museum of Photography, Phoenix Art Museum. and Month of Photography Los Angeles (MOPLA).