Industrial projects


Recently I have been putting together collections of work that fit specific industries for several clients. This has provided me the experience of revisiting some older work that I have done in different industries such as industrial + agriculture.

"American Futures" for The Atlantic

Above are a few shots from an assignment for The Atlantic that I photographed a couple years back in the Southeastern US and Pacific Northwest. I photographed industrial designer Doug Wagner, an old friend from art school, who was featured when the magazine talked about a resurgence in central Oregon near Bend where he is based.

Below are shots that make up a gallery of industrial work. these are pulled from a number of different projects with various clients including: Vice, The Wall Street Journal, and Arclin (an industrial company that manufactures resin and wood products).

One thing I have always loved about being a photographer and working with diverse clients is that you get see things you never would unless you had a camera in your hand. I love seeing what other people do for a living and its fun to step into a different world for a brief time. Whether its an editorial client or an advertising client its a privilege to have a window into these other industries such as finance + technology, healthcare + medicine, agriculture + industrial which my work often covers.

As one of the leading Phoenix Arizona Industrial Photographers, Mark Peterman specializes in creating stylized portraiture for advertising campaigns, and corporate clients in the agriculture, industrial and technology development industries.