Higher Learning

On campus lifestyle and portrait work created as photo libraries for universities and educational institutions.

 Maricopa County Community Colleges advertising campaign  photographed by Mark Peterman


As one of the leading Phoenix Photographers, Mark Peterman specializes in creating stylized portraiture for advertising campaigns, within the corporate, financial and healthcare industries. These projects include photographing for educational clients such as education clients such as Arizona State University and Maricopa County Community Colleges for business, advertising, and marketing purposes. Mark approaches each advertising project with a fine-tuned attention to detail and often utilizes locations, props, styling and sets to meet and exceed the expectations of the client. His unique style of cinematic lighting makes his brand of portraiture instantly recognizable. He has a great respect for the process of creating high quality imagery and understands that successful advertising photographyis a collaborative effort between client, agency creatives and the photographer. His goal is to create a supportive environment on set where the concept for each project can grow and be fulfilled.