short story sequences

Short Story Sequences


This series consists of assembled sequences of multiple images that are intended to be complete works, evoking short stories. Much of my work revolves around narrative storytelling using constructed realities and implied meaning through sequencing. Using multiple images in sequence allows me to create a more complex and deeper narrative. 

Several of the examples here were created at a specific time in my life where I wanted to preserve a moment or document a feeling. Occasionally an image from my archive will be used to serve a specific statement or metaphor within a new work. For me this style of presentation is the most authentic way to convey my experience and reinvent the world around me.



As one of the leading Phoenix Photographers Mark Peterman explores narrative storytelling through photographs and multi-media, usually consisting of constructed realties that cross over into implied fiction. His personal work has been an American Photography (AP28 + AP35) and Photo District News (PDN) annual award winner. His independently published photo books have been included in exhibitions around the country at museums and galleries that include: The Griffin Museum of Photography, Phoenix Art Museum. and Month of Photography Los Angeles (MOPLA).